Out now: Bar 1 Summer.08, mixed by Babak Shayan (Shayan Music)

Bar 1 Summer.08, mixed by Babak Shayan (Shayan Music)

Our man from Cologne Babak Shayan continues his compilation series “Bar 1” named after the location in Heidelberg, Germany. Like he did on the previous “Bar 1” Compilations, he picked up the most interesting tracks of artists from his own label Shayan Music as well as jewels from other producers. The well thought dramaturgy of this mix compilation paired with the soft character of mixing skills gives this mix it’s unique penetrability and allows the listener a light and dubby journey through different styles of Tech- and Deephouse, feeling the soft touch the rain of sound leaves on the skin, the electricity pulsing in the muscles while the beats are driving into them and catapult them in a freshness the synthesizer arrangement brings in consciousness. Shayan, releasing on labels like Pesto, Shayan Music, Plastic City and appearing with tracks on compilations like Deep House (Streetlight) or the “This Is TechHouse” Series on Tronic Soundz, as a DJ developed his style of TechHouse in a way of opening a window to let all the dreams, wonders and sexyness in without refusing samples of classical instruments, subtile vocals and laid-back bass-structures. In this mix relaxed tracks and euphoric tunes are rotating fast and and full of verve, so that the mind keeps breathing constantly and refreshing of thoughts, feelings and momentas is no longer a question of passivity than of activity. Everything opens the barrels where the rhythm of life is hided and access to new kinds of perception is granted. So fall in this river of sounds and don’t think about life anymore, because this mix is life itself.

Available Formats: CD, mp3.