Königwerq performance @ ZDF Fernsehgarten

Königwerq performed live @ the German show “ZDF Fernsehgarten” in Mainz. The show was shown on sunday morning, 13.07.2008, 11 am on the TV channel ZDF. They performed the song “träum ich”, the current single from königwerq. “träum ich” is a real surprise for the fans of the band around the bandleaders Dania König and Mathias Kiefer”. With their first single “könig des leids”, a cover of the police classic “king of pain”, königwerq launched a brilliant strike. In mind at least is still their strong pop song “was wäre wenn”, the first cut from their seconds album “es ist an der zeit” released in August 2007 via Universal.

For more information about the band, please visit: Artistpage Königwerq (German) Listen to the single: Königwerq – Träum ich (UCA)