Moon Audio Interview (Mole Listening Pearls)

Moon Audio Interview

Moon presented their labour of love called “Gorsky Park” in the beginning of 2008 – elements of pop music mixed with electronics, triphop and house in a quite personal and gentle manner. They define their own genre and invite the listener to a journey through pleasure, deep moods, delightfulness, sadness and happy feelings. Martin Lowis -who also used to play the guitar- and Oliver Beier connected their electronic compositions with the lovely voice of Verena Johann and began messing up styles, added funky effects and real instruments and finally arrived at their orb. Alex Jacobi as producer lead their compositions to a degree of perfection which still sounds natural…artificial?…you have to listen to experience the layers of emotions and sounds. If you want to know more about Moon, just listen to the interview with Verena Johann:

Interview: Moon Audio Interview; Album: “Gorsky Park”.