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Anderson Noise – Jardins (mp3 EP)

The career of DJ and producer Anderson Noise is one as pioneer of the electronic music scence in Brazil. Native of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Noise started DJ ing in a slow but steady manner as is the custom in his region of Brazil. Yet he never forget to take the necessary steps to insure total success. In 1989, during the explosion of Acid House on the club scene, Noise started playing around the local circuit in his hometown. With the professional passion for DJ ing, hes noted for saying that, the function of a DJ is to emote the audience or bring them to an emotional frenzy. He won the trophy for the best producer and the best DJ of techno music which was called the “Night Illustrated” award created by Erika Palomino from the newspaper “A Folha De São Paulo”. The faíscas trophy, an award Noise Won 3 years in a row was offered by the Minas Newspaper, “O Estado de Minas” for those artists that shook up the nightlife in Belo Horizonte and in 2003 he was runner up in the Cool Magazine Awards, Brazils most elegant electronic music magazine. The trophy was given to him in the subsequent year of 2004, as best DJ. Anderson has always participated in the major national/Brazilian Eletronic Music Events. His presence was felt by all in every edition of the Skol Beats Festival since it’s inception, serendipitously closing the 2003 Skol Beats Festival with great fanfare. In 2003 Anderson was invited by “DJ Magazine”, the worlds most respected publication dedicated to electronic music, to produce the CD, “DJ World Series, Anderson Noise”. In a series of 5 records that the magazine released, where each DJ, representing a different continent would make a record representing his continent of origin, Anderson was chosen to represent Latin America. From then on Noise’s international career kept growing steadily. He has participated in the biggest international festivals: Homelands, Dance Valley, Creamfields, Sonar, Exit, Rock in Rio Lisboa, SAMC, Knebworth Ministry of Sound, etc. Noises records have been released by international labels such as Audio, Eukatech, Mentor, Missile and Molecular and are being played throughout the world. As far as Noise is concerned, there exists no limits that can’t be surpassed. This is surely a great virtue for those who are of a creative and pioneering nature.

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