Andry Nalin – Kawai Five Go! (mp3 EP)

When, in 1996, Nalin & Kane were composing their worldwide hit ‘Beachball’, Andry had, together with his then partner Kane, already published several successful 12inches under the pseudonyms Nalin Inc. and Yellow Cab. His name was synonymous with a fresh approach in the field of housemusic. Andry’s gigs as a DJ have since the mid-ninetees lead him into all the international top class clubs such as ‘Space’ on Ibiza, ‘Twilo’ in New York or ‘Pacha’ in Buenos Aires, as well as to the major regulars and festivals as e.g. ‘Renaissance’ or ‘Mayday’. The famous English Mixmag wrote: ‘German House has never sounded so sophisticated and sensual’. Kylie Minogue, Frankie goes to Hollywood, Sven Väth, Steve Lawler, Jam & Spoon and numerous others knocked at the studio door asking for remixes. Nalin’s golden hand turned Da Hool’s ‘Meet her at the Loveparade’ into a superhit and made it the hymn of an entire housegeneration. Today, Andry Nalin is one of the most important protagonists of the international Underground House Sounds, both as a soloist as well as with his Bush II Bush project. His particular sound pulsates between Techno, Electro and Tech-House; it intergrates the very best of these styles and effortlessly glides across the somewhat narrow bounds in this country. This single, his first release on Plastic City, is the official „Die Wellenreiter“ hymne (taken from the compilation ‘Die Wellenreiter 001 (Barcelona), mixed by Andry Nalin‘. On the AIDAcara, an ocean cruiser of the Aida fleet, 1300 lyfestylers will experience the most impressing party of their lifes, supported by 20 international Top-DJs.

Available Format: mp3; Free Download: Andry Nalin – Kawai Five Go! (Piano Dub).

TV Spot Germany – 2008 wellenreiter_spot.jpgGerman TV Spot: Die Wellenreiter 001 – 2008
The Album:
Die Wellenreiter 001 (Barcelona), mixed by Andry Nalin

This is the first „Die Wellenreiter“ compilation and it unites everything the “Die Wellenreiter” party concept stands for: high quality music, outstanding parties, exclusive locations, fashion, lifestyle and interesting people. Founded in 2006, Franka Siepmann, Markus Wolf, Oliver Ochs and Andry Nalin bundled the experiences of their work fields and decided to create a concept, that exeeds all boundaries between cities, music styles and even continents. Climax of this concept is the music & fashion sea adventure that Siepmann, Wolf, Ochs and Nalin organized, happening one week long in september this year. On the AIDAcara, an ocean cruiser of the Aida fleet, 1300 lyfestylers will experience the most impressing party of their lifes, supported by 20 international Top-DJs. Furthermore “Die Wellenreiter” did a clubtour through Germany’s club landscape with stops at Spindler & Klatt (Berlin), zuHouse Club (Dortmund), Cocoon (Frankfurt), Treibhaus (Neuss), Loveparade (Dortmund) and some more.

This mix, mixed by Andry Nalin himself, catches every kind of atmospheres that are defining the concept of “Die Wellenreiter” and brings the original sound of “Die Wellenreiter” right in your player, wherever you are. Nalin, who should be known for his enormous output and his high quality DJ sets since 1993, screwed a very fine mix between rhythmic percussion bounce, flowerily vocal House with a bit of pop and soul attitude, bony TechHouse and atmospherical club smasher. Nalin, who is one of the two heads behind Bush ll Bush and did the Nalin & Kane Project with his partner Ralf Beck in the 90ies, puts every kind of knowledge he got in his 15 years long DJ carreer in combination, compiling and mixing of the tracks from the likes of The Timewriter, Sascha Funke, Roberto Rodriguez feat. Max C, Solomun, Christopher Rau or Soulphiction and creates a music experience in which you can feel the breeze, smell the salty water and receive the incredible feeling of freedom and insouciance.

So don’t be shy, take your board and ride of some waves with us!

Available formats: CD, mp3.

To translate yearning and dreams of faraway sceneries into beautiful and unheard sounds is what makes pop duo Alphawezen aka Ernst Wawra and Asu Yalcindag so special. Their second album „En Passant (succeeding their fine effort „ L Après-Midi d un Microphone) comprises of 12 songs full of fleeting moments, the basic mood of which swings between soothing melancholy and mellow serenity. Sublime as in the title track, thoughtful as in „Speed Of Light, friendly as in „Sommerzeit or cool as in „Welcome To Machinarchy. „En Passant comes with such consummate ease as if being produced en passant. But it soon becomes obvious that the album is thoroughly thought through and done with complete mastery. Alphawezen playfully explore the realm between art and kitsch, experiment and calculation, yearning arrangements and hypnotic dance tracks. Some will storm the dancefloor as soon as „Welcome To Machinarchy sets in, a charming bow to 1980s New Wave hymns. And some will smilingly remember their first disco adventures, pondering all the mistakes, entanglements and states of confusion of a time long gone. If you move from disco to disco you will gladly discover some fast moving tracks in this diverse offering. If you like to travel at home, you will find it pleasing to travel with Alphawezen. The album „en passant reminds of something which came into existence just now but radiates a feeling of something which has been around forever. And that is magical and very soothing.

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sunshinelive27.jpg Available formats:Various Artists – Sunshine Live Vol. 27 (TopTrax)Various Artists – Sunshine Live Vol. 27 (Premium Edition) (TopTrax)If you bought the Sunshine live 2CD already, please visit: Sunshine live DJ Mix.

Starskie – Memory Chord (mp3 EP) – Plastic City

When Starskie bought his first Technics SL1210 – following his inner voice which told him to focus on electronic music – he did not even dream of making this passion more than a hobby. This was in 1991 – year of the first Mayday rave – two years before the first Loveparade had 500 visitors. At that time – long before the huge hype came up when almost every teen had turntable replicas and a mixer under their Christmas tree, Starskie already dealt intensively with mixing. He changed his musical focus only once in his career, which is lasting 16 years by now – at a time when nobody had the idea of splitting up electronic music into different styles. Working as a event-technician and sound engineer with a degree he brought skills into his mixing which sometimes amaze even professional ears. His well trained ears pick up even the smallest acoustic nuances. By today, Starskie plays a well balanced mix of almost any fields of electronic music but his main style is focussed on grooving and kicking minimal and tech-house tracks. Nethertheless he has a backup of numerous record cases – always being able to surprise the crowd with ancient floorfillers. After DJing for 13 years and lots of experience in front crowds or in clubs all over Germany the next step in 2004 was only part of natural evolution: production. Starskies released on Midnight Recordings (U.K.), Blu:Fin and now on Plastic City. More tracks and remixes are queued so it is certain that we will hear much more from Starskie in the near future.

Available Format: mp3.

Taste it! 2008 (Mole Listening Pearls)

This is a nice price compilation with tracks taken from from current and future releases on Mole Listeing Pearls. “Trust” was original recorded for the Naomi Album “Pappelallee” and lay sleeping on some battered hard disk for years Now it turns out to be one of the best things they have ever recorded and it´s featured on the current album “Tweak”. Robert Manos is a New York based singer and musician who has collaborated on Techno, Drum and Bass and Deep House releases with Jesper Dahlbäck, Seba, Terry Lee Brown Junior, Paradox, Hugg and Pepp, John Dahlbäck, Charles Webster and Alexi Delano. Mombasa is the second single from Roberts current album “Angel Road” The masterfully interwoven melodies, which have become hallmarks of Alphawezen’s music, evoke delectable scenes in the mind’s eye of the attentive listener. In this case it’s the iridescent self-abnegating “tears in rain” that android replicant Roy Batty talks about so movingly in the movie Blade Runner. The next song is called “Ohio” from Khoiba. The name of the Midwestern state of the United States “Ohio” is derived from the Seneca word ohi:yo’, meaning “beautiful river”. Khoiba´s music is also like a river, with a beautiful melancholy, with many crooks, rapids with deep and shallow water, with riber beds of sand and stone. Ohio is a bitterweet song about a love crisis. About the good and the bad things of relationship. The hightrope walk between all or nothing. The desire of a new start, with the fear, that noting realy will changed. The Track “Up The Down Steroids” taken from the upcoming album from Dadamnphreaknoizphunk on Mole Listening Pearls. Club Bangahs are Marc Steinmeier and Michael “!BAZZ” Jackson. Marc is the musical composer. He worked and remixed for great Musicians as Eminem, LL Cool J, Christina Aguilera, Jungle Brothers and many more. He had been remarkable successful with Nuclear Hyde which got one of the big names concerning trance music in the nineties. Consequently the sound of moodorama has developed and resulted in the integration of Jazz, Latin, Breakbeat, Reggae, Easy Listening, Classic, Ethno, Big Beat, Deep House. Musical instruments such as guitar, contrabass and jazz-drum are also used and alluringly blend with synthesizer and sequencers. The next song is called “Who Needs Love?” The Music of Ohm Square is an electronic amalgamation of Pop, Dance, Downtempo, Disco-folk-Rock with a distinct “Woman Power” flavour. “Spiel”(in German: game) is taken from the Moon album “Gorsky Park” which was released in the beginning of 2008. Moon define their own genre and invite the listener to a journey through pleasure, deep moods, delightfulness, sadness and happy feelings. The track “Speed Of Light” is taken from the re-release “en passant” from Alphawezen. Alphawezen reminds of something which came into existence just now but radiates a feeling of something which has been around forever. And that is magical and very soothing.

Available Format: mp3.