Mole Listening Pearls presents: Taste it! 2008

Taste it! 2008 (Mole Listening Pearls)

This is a nice price compilation with tracks taken from from current and future releases on Mole Listeing Pearls. “Trust” was original recorded for the Naomi Album “Pappelallee” and lay sleeping on some battered hard disk for years Now it turns out to be one of the best things they have ever recorded and it´s featured on the current album “Tweak”. Robert Manos is a New York based singer and musician who has collaborated on Techno, Drum and Bass and Deep House releases with Jesper Dahlbäck, Seba, Terry Lee Brown Junior, Paradox, Hugg and Pepp, John Dahlbäck, Charles Webster and Alexi Delano. Mombasa is the second single from Roberts current album “Angel Road” The masterfully interwoven melodies, which have become hallmarks of Alphawezen’s music, evoke delectable scenes in the mind’s eye of the attentive listener. In this case it’s the iridescent self-abnegating “tears in rain” that android replicant Roy Batty talks about so movingly in the movie Blade Runner. The next song is called “Ohio” from Khoiba. The name of the Midwestern state of the United States “Ohio” is derived from the Seneca word ohi:yo’, meaning “beautiful river”. Khoiba´s music is also like a river, with a beautiful melancholy, with many crooks, rapids with deep and shallow water, with riber beds of sand and stone. Ohio is a bitterweet song about a love crisis. About the good and the bad things of relationship. The hightrope walk between all or nothing. The desire of a new start, with the fear, that noting realy will changed. The Track “Up The Down Steroids” taken from the upcoming album from Dadamnphreaknoizphunk on Mole Listening Pearls. Club Bangahs are Marc Steinmeier and Michael “!BAZZ” Jackson. Marc is the musical composer. He worked and remixed for great Musicians as Eminem, LL Cool J, Christina Aguilera, Jungle Brothers and many more. He had been remarkable successful with Nuclear Hyde which got one of the big names concerning trance music in the nineties. Consequently the sound of moodorama has developed and resulted in the integration of Jazz, Latin, Breakbeat, Reggae, Easy Listening, Classic, Ethno, Big Beat, Deep House. Musical instruments such as guitar, contrabass and jazz-drum are also used and alluringly blend with synthesizer and sequencers. The next song is called “Who Needs Love?” The Music of Ohm Square is an electronic amalgamation of Pop, Dance, Downtempo, Disco-folk-Rock with a distinct “Woman Power” flavour. “Spiel”(in German: game) is taken from the Moon album “Gorsky Park” which was released in the beginning of 2008. Moon define their own genre and invite the listener to a journey through pleasure, deep moods, delightfulness, sadness and happy feelings. The track “Speed Of Light” is taken from the re-release “en passant” from Alphawezen. Alphawezen reminds of something which came into existence just now but radiates a feeling of something which has been around forever. And that is magical and very soothing.

Available Format: mp3.