Starskie - Memory Chord (mp3 EP) - Plastic City

Starskie – Memory Chord (mp3 EP) – Plastic City

When Starskie bought his first Technics SL1210 – following his inner voice which told him to focus on electronic music – he did not even dream of making this passion more than a hobby. This was in 1991 – year of the first Mayday rave – two years before the first Loveparade had 500 visitors. At that time – long before the huge hype came up when almost every teen had turntable replicas and a mixer under their Christmas tree, Starskie already dealt intensively with mixing. He changed his musical focus only once in his career, which is lasting 16 years by now – at a time when nobody had the idea of splitting up electronic music into different styles. Working as a event-technician and sound engineer with a degree he brought skills into his mixing which sometimes amaze even professional ears. His well trained ears pick up even the smallest acoustic nuances. By today, Starskie plays a well balanced mix of almost any fields of electronic music but his main style is focussed on grooving and kicking minimal and tech-house tracks. Nethertheless he has a backup of numerous record cases – always being able to surprise the crowd with ancient floorfillers. After DJing for 13 years and lots of experience in front crowds or in clubs all over Germany the next step in 2004 was only part of natural evolution: production. Starskies released on Midnight Recordings (U.K.), Blu:Fin and now on Plastic City. More tracks and remixes are queued so it is certain that we will hear much more from Starskie in the near future.

Available Format: mp3.