J. Axel – This Time (mp3 EP)

The second single from J. Axel on Plastic City, one of Sweden’s top house producers, is called “This Time”. The deep original mix is taken from his current album ”Deepness is Served”. On top of this you can find two remixes from Hardcell and Devilfish on this release. J. Axel aka Jonathan Axelsson was born in Sweden, and got in touch with music very early in life since both his father and grandfather were musicians. In the mid 90´s he discovered a new type of music that would change his life forever. The music he heard was called Deep House, and struck Jonathans heart immediately. He now started to produce music in a more serious matter and in 1997 he got in touch with Johan Bacto, which later formed the label PlackTown Sounds. Jonathan was also now known as Ronin and made alot of releases on the PlackTown Sounds imprint. With alot of great feedback from radiostations, magazines, DJ´s and even television, J. Axel continued on the path of sensual, moody Deep House.

Available Format: mp3.

Memet feat. Katerina – Devotion (mp3 EP) – Plastic City

It all started back at 1993 when Memet started listening to that new sound that came out those days, after his first trip to london and to legendary clubs of that period he decided to focus on that new style of music. He visited London again and again collecting records and ideas for parties and clubs from that period. He has been spining in events and parties for over a decade on the island of Rhodes, Athens and around Greece. At the year 2000 he founded “The Mojo Bar”, a small bar is dedicated to the underground dance music and its still the key venue for all the underground house heads on Rhodes island. From 2001 till 2006 he had organized some of the best day time beach parties that Rhodes island has ever seen. Katerina Papatheodorou´s musical soul was carved in Manchester’s dark clubs and bars. While studying sociology and psychology, her student room was decorated with turntables, speakers and records, but her real love was in writting her own songs. Actually, Katerina lives in Rhodes (Greece) and spends most of the time in the recording studio.

Available Format: mp3.

Sascha Barth – Kolonien Der Liebe (mp3 EP) – Harthouse

Together with young new producers and DJs like for example Smilla, Christian Gimbel, Mihalis Safras and Boris Brechja, Sascha Barth is one of the new promising artists on “Harthouse”. After one release on Monika Kruse’s “Terminal M” Imprint and his debut with “Be Different Or Die” on Harthouse in 2007, followed up by “Whitsands” and “Das Dritte Auge”, here is his second 4th EP titled ‘Kolonien der Liebe’ on Harthouse. His Sound is minimalistic yet forward pushing with a pintch of Funk. His productions show a high musical expertise and are proof of his talent to not only follow existing to not only follow existing trends, but redefine them as well.

Available format: mp3