J. Axel - This Time (mp3 EP) - Plastic City

J. Axel – This Time (mp3 EP)

The second single from J. Axel on Plastic City, one of Sweden’s top house producers, is called “This Time”. The deep original mix is taken from his current album ”Deepness is Served”. On top of this you can find two remixes from Hardcell and Devilfish on this release. J. Axel aka Jonathan Axelsson was born in Sweden, and got in touch with music very early in life since both his father and grandfather were musicians. In the mid 90´s he discovered a new type of music that would change his life forever. The music he heard was called Deep House, and struck Jonathans heart immediately. He now started to produce music in a more serious matter and in 1997 he got in touch with Johan Bacto, which later formed the label PlackTown Sounds. Jonathan was also now known as Ronin and made alot of releases on the PlackTown Sounds imprint. With alot of great feedback from radiostations, magazines, DJ´s and even television, J. Axel continued on the path of sensual, moody Deep House.

Available Format: mp3.