nor elle – T a x i 4 5 (mp3 EP) – Mole

“T a x i” is the 4th album of nor elle aka Terry Lee Brown Junior. After “Phantom Of Life” (1998), “Slapstick” (2001) and “Kombologi” (2006) nor elle defines his own borders of down beat and lounge once again. Concentrating on wide scapes reduced melodic insinuation this time, the album seems to work as a screen. Like a movie without dialoque or a documentary without comments the music gives room for own imaginations and projections. Creating an atmosphere of a nocturnally taxi ride Terry gives a theme, but the rest is up to the listener. Where the taxi drives, how fast or slow, wether the driver is a good or bad one may depend on the mood of the one who to dives into the calm and fantastic world of these wonderful narrative tracks. No instruction is included but leaning back and letting fantasy fly over a warm street at a coast, through a forest or the centre of an illuminated city. “T a x i 4 5″ is a Remix EP with interpretations from Greg Parker, V_for_Volkan and Terry Lee Brown Junior from the ride in the taxicab. On top of this you can find on this release a previously unreleased new track called “Outfall”.

Available format: mp3.

Moon – Comfort (mp3 EP) – Mole

Moon is a musical satellite which consists of three creative minds who have been working on their world since 2003. After their first virtual meeting they discovered that they have – even though they are pretty different characters – something in common in their universe: The love for a certain kind of music – slightly melancholic , atmospheric, melodic , playful and various concerning style and colour. They define their own genre and invite the listener to a journey through pleasure, deep moods, delightfulness, sadness and happy feelings. Martin Lowis -who also used to play the guitar- and Oliver Beier connected their electronic compositions with the lovely voice of Verena Johann and began messing up styles, added funky effects and real instruments and finally arrived at their orb. Alex Jacobi as producer lead their compositions to a degree of perfection which still sounds natural…artificial?…you have to listen to experience the layers of emotions and sounds. “Comfort” is taken from the album “Gorsky Park” which was released in the beginning of 2008. On the single you can find brand new remixes of the song as well as a short radio version.

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englisch/English: Popstars, Deutschland sucht den Superstar, Star Search, Stefan Raab’s Super Grand Prix Star.. Since 2000 thousands of candidates face up to the jury of Dieter Bohlen, Detlef D! Soost or Hugo Egon Balder. Lots of the winners achieved the front positions in the ranking list of the german charts, as No Angels, Bro’Sis, Monrose by Popstars, Alexander Klaws, Mark Medlock by Deutschland sucht den Superstar or Max Mutzke and Stefanie Heinzmann by Stefan Raab’s Show “TV Total”. Also the second and third place enthused every week a six million audience behind the TV. Nearly all of candidates earned to be in the spotlight as the winner did, some of them possessed about more charisma and vocal talents than the favourite, but failed due to the lower percentage of caller. Is that the brutal ending of a beautiful dream? The christmas album of “2nd chance” brings a lot of artists back into the spotlight an presents the best voices and typs of 8 years casting shows. New and old Christmas songs will be performed by artists like Aida, Nektarius, Martin Stosch, Julia Falke, Laura Pozo Martin, Carollina Escolano, Arcangelo Vigneri, Dascha Semcov, Judith Burmeister, Trevor Penick, Didi Koblauch, Steffi List, Vanessa Jean Dedmon, and Room 2012. Each of them gets a second chance singing one Christmas song and one “all star song” at the end of the album. Also available on this album are the No Angels with a special Bonus Mix from “When The Angels Sing”. deutsch/German: Popstars, Deutschland sucht den Superstar, Star Search, Stefan Raabs’s Super Grand Prix Star. Seit dem Jahr 2000 haben zehntausende von Kandidaten sich den Jurys um Dieter Bohlen, Detlef D! Soost oder Hugo Egon Balder gestellt. Viele von ihnen schafften es auf die vorderen Plätze der Charts: No Angels, Bro’Sis, Monrose durch Popstars, Alexander Klaws, Mark Medlock, Thomas Godoj durch Deutschland sucht den Superstar oder Max Mutzke, Stefanie Heinzmann durch Stefan Raabs TV Total. Aber auch die Zweit- und Drittplatzierten Kandidaten der Casting Shows begeisterten ein Publikum, das bis zu 6 Millionen Zuschauer pro Folge vor den Fernseher lockte. Viele dieser Kandidaten hatten es genau so verdient im Rampenlicht zu stehen, verfügten meist sogar über mehr Charisma oder das auch größere Gesangstalent, scheiterten aber an wenigen Prozentpunkten der Anrufer oder hatten einfach nur einen schlechten Tag erwischt. Das brutale Aus eines Traumes? Das Weihnachtsalbum von “2nd Chance” hat viele dieser Talente aus fast 8 Jahren Castingsendungen zurück ins Rampenlicht geholt und präsentiert die besten Stimmen und Typen, die sich ihren Fans erneut stellen oder so einfach wieder entdeckt werden können. Wieder dabei sind unter anderem Aida, Nektarius, Martin Stosch, Julia Falke, Laura Pozo Martin, Carolina Escolano, Arcangelo Vigneri, Dascha Semcov, Judith Burmeister, Trevor Penick, Didi Knoblauch, Steffi List, Vanessa Jean Dedmon und Room 2012. Jeder von ihnen bekommt die zweite Chance, performt einen Weihnachtstitel und singt zusammen mit den anderen Kandidaten den “Allstar” Titel. Das Album wird abgerundet mit der Castingband schlechthin die No Angels mit einem Special Christmas Mix von “When The Angels Sing”. For more information about the involved artists: Merry Christmas! More information about the tour: Stars 2 Meet Direct shoplinks: Merry Christmas! (album) & RecAllstars (single)

Forteba – Hotel Sot (mp3 EP) – Plastic City

Forteba is setting exceptional production standards, sophisticated rhythms and arrangements which combine house music and elements and atmospheres of dub and ambient. “Space Between Us” was released on Plastic City in 2007, the listeners and critics were convinced by the clear sound and the clear intention Krisztián Dobrocsi followed with this debut. It was a getaway from every day life with senstive sounds in a relation chip with music that became equal with a loved person and it allowed the listener to throw all negative feelings in the box the beats built by giving them a stream into space of consciousness. Since then he worked on the second album while touring through the world and working with his beside project as Krisztián Decay where he convinces as lounge producer. The second album “For Some Time Past” is again a delicate extract of his style diversity. Broad, deep and breathtakingly beautiful – meanwhile always forward and clubby. On the EP “Hotel Sot” you can find 5 more minimal, experimental and chill out like tracks from Forteba, which are not on the 2nd album.

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We´re proud to announce that the new “Sunshine live Vol. 28 compilation is available exclusively via TrackTracker for downloads in the first weeks. Sunshine live is the biggest electronic radio station in Germany. The compilation always reach a top 10 position in the German Media Control Charts. Beside the download of the full compilation, customers who bought the 2CD can find a coupon in the booklet. If they visit a special webpage (the URL they can fin in the booklet as well) they can download the bonus mix of the Sunshine live Vol. 27 for just additional EUR 3,50.

sunshinelive28.jpg Available formats:Various Artists – Sunshine Live Vol. 28 (TopTrax)Various Artists – Sunshine Live Vol. 28 (Premium Edition) (TopTrax)If you bought the Sunshine live 2CD already, please visit: Sunshine live Code Center.

In the biography of every artist, there is always that one moment, that one situation which determines everything. The circumstance which strengthens the will. The will to start a career and to live this career unquestioning. When Safiye – just two years of age – moved to Germany with her family, her mother died. From that moment on music was her sorrow, her consolation, her hope. But at the same time, music meant secrecy and something forbidden.

The youngest of five siblings, she was born near the Syrian border in Turkey. She wasn’t allowed to sing, let alone listen to music. Her father had forbidden it. At night, when the family was asleep, she would smuggle a small cassette deck into her bed. She would place a pillow over it so that she could softly listen to pop music, which she was constantly and desirously sponging. Popmusic, which was growing into her own Vision to reach one goal: to leave parental home as fast as possible, to be self-subsistent, to live a life without prohibitions, to start a career. Safiye..s Vision was Popmusic with oriental influences.

After Safiye was crowned Germany’s most beautiful Turkish women through the “Miss Germany Association”, the stages where she musically performed grew in size . In 2006 she landed her first direct hit in the Turkish community with her song “Why Do I”. One year later, she sang the song “Ya Habibi” with the Egyptian Superstar Hisham Abbas. Safiye was in the focus of the international music scene. Since the end of 2007, together with the successful music producer, Peter Ries, who has been responsible for the sounds of the No Angels, N’Sync, Beyoncé and Kylie Minogue, she has found energetic support in collaboration on her first album and also her first single “Come Come.”

For more information: MySpace page Safiye

El Farouki – Love You Baby (mp3 EP)

El Farouki started producing electronic dance music after seven years of violin and classical music. Mybe this is the reason why he is expressing more than you expect when hearing the first sounds. The native-born Moroccan knows very well handling rhythms and grooves and sends us on a trip through a world full of dance and pleasant moments. Sometimes very minimal and warm, sometimes rhythmically angry and chasing, his works show the different facings of his skills. His music releases suit very well for the floor but also for the couch at home, never-ending energy. It is perfect to stay awake, to forget everything for some minutes and leave it. After his debut releases “Mouth Of Groove” and “Take My Hand” on Plastic City in 2007 and his exclusive contributions to the current label compilations, El Farouki now release his third EP called “Love You Baby” on Plastic City.

Available Format: mp3.

Robert M did right with his new single. If you ask yourself ‘Who is Robert M?’ we have some information for you. Robert M is no stranger in the Techno scene. His debut “Porno House E.P.” smashed the dancefloors on Lickin’ Records (sublabel of Lektrik). Also he is busy remixing worldwide known artists like the German producer Oliver Koletzki. Robert M a part of the upcoming east european generation of young producers and his releases are supported from artists DJ Preach, Carl Cox, Umek, Marco Remus, Eddie Halliwell and many more. With “Muzak” the Krakow based and 1982 born fresh talent produced a Tech-House burner in summer 2008. “Muzak” entered the German Club Charts (Top 5) and German Dance Charts (Top 10). Now, Robert M comes back with his new single “Can´t Slow Down” incl. a hot Plastik Funk Remix.