Safiye - "Come Come" Releasedate: 21.11.08

In the biography of every artist, there is always that one moment, that one situation which determines everything. The circumstance which strengthens the will. The will to start a career and to live this career unquestioning. When Safiye – just two years of age – moved to Germany with her family, her mother died. From that moment on music was her sorrow, her consolation, her hope. But at the same time, music meant secrecy and something forbidden.

The youngest of five siblings, she was born near the Syrian border in Turkey. She wasn’t allowed to sing, let alone listen to music. Her father had forbidden it. At night, when the family was asleep, she would smuggle a small cassette deck into her bed. She would place a pillow over it so that she could softly listen to pop music, which she was constantly and desirously sponging. Popmusic, which was growing into her own Vision to reach one goal: to leave parental home as fast as possible, to be self-subsistent, to live a life without prohibitions, to start a career. Safiye..s Vision was Popmusic with oriental influences.

After Safiye was crowned Germany’s most beautiful Turkish women through the “Miss Germany Association”, the stages where she musically performed grew in size . In 2006 she landed her first direct hit in the Turkish community with her song “Why Do I”. One year later, she sang the song “Ya Habibi” with the Egyptian Superstar Hisham Abbas. Safiye was in the focus of the international music scene. Since the end of 2007, together with the successful music producer, Peter Ries, who has been responsible for the sounds of the No Angels, N’Sync, Beyoncé and Kylie Minogue, she has found energetic support in collaboration on her first album and also her first single “Come Come.”

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