El Farouki - Love You Baby (mp3 EP) - Plastic City

El Farouki – Love You Baby (mp3 EP)

El Farouki started producing electronic dance music after seven years of violin and classical music. Mybe this is the reason why he is expressing more than you expect when hearing the first sounds. The native-born Moroccan knows very well handling rhythms and grooves and sends us on a trip through a world full of dance and pleasant moments. Sometimes very minimal and warm, sometimes rhythmically angry and chasing, his works show the different facings of his skills. His music releases suit very well for the floor but also for the couch at home, never-ending energy. It is perfect to stay awake, to forget everything for some minutes and leave it. After his debut releases “Mouth Of Groove” and “Take My Hand” on Plastic City in 2007 and his exclusive contributions to the current label compilations, El Farouki now release his third EP called “Love You Baby” on Plastic City.

Available Format: mp3.