Forteba - Hotel Sot (mp3 EP) - Plastic City

Forteba – Hotel Sot (mp3 EP) – Plastic City

Forteba is setting exceptional production standards, sophisticated rhythms and arrangements which combine house music and elements and atmospheres of dub and ambient. “Space Between Us” was released on Plastic City in 2007, the listeners and critics were convinced by the clear sound and the clear intention Krisztián Dobrocsi followed with this debut. It was a getaway from every day life with senstive sounds in a relation chip with music that became equal with a loved person and it allowed the listener to throw all negative feelings in the box the beats built by giving them a stream into space of consciousness. Since then he worked on the second album while touring through the world and working with his beside project as Krisztián Decay where he convinces as lounge producer. The second album “For Some Time Past” is again a delicate extract of his style diversity. Broad, deep and breathtakingly beautiful – meanwhile always forward and clubby. On the EP “Hotel Sot” you can find 5 more minimal, experimental and chill out like tracks from Forteba, which are not on the 2nd album.

Available Format: mp3.