The Timewriter - Resensed Part Two (Extended Edition) - Plastic City

The Timewriter – Resensed Part Two (Extended Edition)

Plastic City presents now the second part of the “The Timewriter Resensed Series” in the “extended edition” with another great remix collection of tracks of one of the label’s most important and most influencing artists. Just like the first part, Resensed Part Two is a journey through more than 12 years of The Timewriter. Established artists as well as fresh young talents from around the globe were invited to create their own interpretations of various tracks taken from all five The Timewriter albums “Letters From The Jester”, “Jigsaw Pieces”, “Diary Of A Lonely Sailor”, “Paintbox” and “Soulstickers”. Out came an unbelievably diverse collection of interpretations. The styles are ranging between full peak time tunes with wide melodic chord arrangements, dry and dusty minimal funk, sexy and romantic love soundtracks, multi-layered rhythm structure odysseys, dark and techno influenced Deep House, summer-breezed drives in progressive House arrangements, flavours of relaxed Lounge or big, dubby basslines. And this time around we present to you mixes made by fine artists such as Terry Lee Brown Junior, Milton Jackson (Tronicsole, Glasgow Underground), the Berlin-based Einzelkind duo, François Dubois aka Funk D’Void, the fresh face from Sweden Johan Ilves (Kinky Vinyl, Loopfreaks), Daniel Kyo (Next Dimension Music), as well as Berlin-based Sasse (Moodmusic), the new talent Manuel Tur aka Arcade Mode (Mada, Brickhouse), Bucher & Kessidis (Exun, 8bit), New York-based Beat Pharmacy (Deep Space Media, Eskimo) and from Manchester, Solonaut aka Adam Cox (who was once of this planet but after the slow prelonged death of Hip Hop, he left) as well as from Greg Parker, Roberto Rodriguez, Neil Quigley, Midi Drop Music, Lukas Greenberg and Pete Moss. This compilation is a mirror of The Timewriter’s (aka Frank Cochois) work and showcases the huge influence his tracks had and still have to the electronic music scene.

Available Format: mp3 (Extended Edition). Still available: CD, 2LP, mp3.