iMusic 1 TV Chistmas hymn 2008: RecAllstars - It´s Christmas Time

We´re proud to announce, that the new German TV canal iMusic 1 TV has chosen “RecAllstars – It´s Christmas Time” for the “Official iMusic 1 TV Christmas hymn 2008″.

More information about the RecAllstars single and the album “Merry Christmas!”: Popstars, Deutschland sucht den Superstar, Star Search, Stefan Raab’s Super Grand Prix Star. Since 2000 thousands of candidates face up to the jury of Dieter Bohlen, Detlef D! Soost or Hugo Egon Balder. Lots of the winners achieved the front positions in the ranking list of the german charts, as No Angels, Bro’Sis, Monrose by Popstars, Alexander Klaws, Mark Medlock by Deutschland sucht den Superstar or Max Mutzke and Stefanie Heinzmann by Stefan Raab’s Show “TV Total”. Also the second and third place enthused every week a six million audience behind the TV. Nearly all of candidates earned to be in the spotlight as the winner did, some of them possessed about more charisma and vocal talents than the favourite, but failed due to the lower percentage of caller. Is that the brutal ending of a beautiful dream? The christmas album of “Merry Christmas!” brings a lot of artists back into the spotlight an presents the best voices and typs of 8 years casting shows. New and old Christmas songs will be performed by artists like Aida, Nektarius, Martin Stosch, Julia Falke, Laura Pozo Martin, Carollina Escolano, Arcangelo Vigneri, Dascha Semcov, Judith Burmeister, Trevor Penick, Didi Koblauch, Steffi List, Vanessa Jean Dedmon, and Room 2012. Each of them gets a second chance singing one Christmas song and one “all star song” at the end of the album. Also available on this album are the No Angels with a special Bonus Mix from “When The Angels Sing”. For more information about the involved artists and the tour: Merry Christmas! Interactice Advents Calendar: Merry Christmas! Advents Calendar More Information about new German Music TV canal: iMusic 1 TV Homepage