Tokyo Plastic City, compiled by DJ Wada (from ATOM) - Plastic City

Tokyo Plastic City, compiled by DJ Wada (from ATOM)

DJ Wada (together with Heigo Tani known as ATOM) from Tokyo are performing live one step closer to the deep & funky vibes styling of improvisation (with turntables & some equipments). DJ Wada and Heigo Tani have had numerous releases for a host of quality labels including Reel Musiq, Pro-Jex, Plastic City, Tribal America and Oxygen Music Works. Their releases to date have gained them fans and props from across the globe led them to the world-tour including Sonar ’98, main cities in Europe, Asia. Their title “Love To Heart (Too Hot)” was re-released on”Southern Fried Records (Fatboy Slim “Norman Cook”‘s label) in 2005 and on Plastic City History a view years later – even promotional copies has been flying around the world and got on the DJ / radio chart everywhere again. They got supports from top DJs like Luke Slater, Andrew Wetherall, DJ Hell, Judge Jules, Dave Clarke, Monika Kruse, Josh Wink, Ken Ishii, Takkyu Ishino and many more. DJ Wada is one of the top DJs in Japan for years. Because of Plastic City ist starting to release albums domesticly in Japan together with the new partner “Sofa King Records” since 2008, it was a consequential step to ask DJ Wada for a DJ Mix for Plastic City specially for Japan. Beside this digital release “Tokyo Plastic City” will be available on CD in Japan.

Available Formats: CD (Japan only), mp3.