Video: Alphawezen - Days (Mole Listening Pearls)

Under their nom de guerre “Alphawezen”, Ernst Wawra and his singing comrades-in-arms have already demonstrated their expertise in the weird and wonderful world of electro-apparatus. Their three sound carriers, “L’Après-Midi d’un Microphone”, “En Passant” and “Comme Vous Voulez”, floated with somnambulistic lightness and poise over the fertile no-man’s land between the genres of trip-hop, house and electropop, hovering over the fine line between art and kitsch. A typical Alphawezen recording session is less like a composer’s studio session than a conspirative get-together, replete with elated twitterings and chirpings, murmured and whispered exchanges of secrets and piquant remarks. On his third album Alphawezen takes us through the vast realm between experimentation and calculated effects.

The song “Days”, sung by Verena, is taken from this album. On top of the original version you can find on the single new remixes from Aeric and The Timewriter.

Link to video: Alphawezen – Days