DKMA presents Andrastea - Comin' On (mp3 EP) - Plastic City History

DKMA presents Andrastea – Comin’ On (mp3 EP) – Plastic City History

Dana Kelley’s sound and music has made a major impact on the House scene since 1995. Growing up in Roxbury Massachusetts, in a single parent household, Dana’s musical influence started with his mother. Ophelia played numerous R&B hits that are considered classics by today’s house folk. George Benson, MFSB, O’Jays, and Herbie Hancock. Ophelia enrolled her children into the Elma Lewis School of Performing Arts, where he excelled as a classical violinist, selected as a Suzuki violinist, was chosen with 5 other students to play for Chinese embassy. Music is not the only passion, art as a whole was exposed to Dana. At the age of 16, Dana demonstrated a flair for fashion illustration, and won a 2 year scholarship to the Museum School of Fine Arts. In 1994, Dana approached DJ Bruno at Boston Beat with a cheesy demo of tracks he was working on. Bruno called Dana and told him to stop sitting on the music, and recommended house labels to send a demo to. Kult, Strictly Rhythm and Eightball received demos, and 3 days later Gladys Pizzarro called with an offer Dana could not refuse. “Krimp” was born, a name derived from the locks Dana cut the day before to look for work in Boston. This was the beginning of something truly special. Dana played also a part in the UK revolution called Speed Garage. A bassline from “In the Spirit” was sampled numerous times and was released on Strictly Rhythm as “Praxis featuring Kathy Brown – Turn Me Out”. Beside a lot of releases on labels like Strictly Rhythm, Contrast Records, 4th Floor Recordings, Chug Recordings and Subliminal Records he also released on Plastic City under the name “DKMA presents Andrastea”.

Available Format: mp3.