Sin Plomo - Desierto (mp3 EP) - Plastic City. Play

Sin Plomo – Desierto (mp3 EP) – Plastic City. Play

As a Space resident DJ since 2002 Sin Plomo spins always various styles, while alternately performing in the Club and Space’s exclusive outdoor area. Since 2001 he is a musical charge of the “Space’s” Sunday gathering “The Home” and “We love Sundays…”. This also included being the resident DJ for Manumission’s legendary afterhour-partys “Carry on” as well as gracing Wednesday’s “In bed with Space”. Already in 1997 he got international appearances as resident DJ of the exclusive Ibiza underground club “KM 5” and pushed his weight in the year of KM 5’s first major hype. A Success that the club owners wanted to manifested and so followed CD Releases “KM 5 Vol. 1 to 6” mixed and compiled by Sin Plomo. In Summer 2002 Sin plomo celebrated his first album “Different ways to dance”. One of the successful results of the partnership with the well kown producer and owner of “Magic Island Studios” in Ibiza Torsten Stenzel. They produced several tracks and remixes like Bebel Gilberto’s “Sem Contencao” or Timmy Thomas’ “Why can’t we live together”, just to mention a few. Sin Plomo and Torsten Stenzel received as “Ministers of music” worldwide recognition due to the track “Breathing Fire”, specialized by vocalist Casey Keth. Released on “Chica Discos”, a label founded in Ibiza , the track climbed the lists and was heard on dancefloors everywhere. In 2004 Sin Plomo released a “Tom Novy and JJ Florex Remix” of his track “It’s You” on Tommy Boy Rec. for the American market and on Stereo Cool for the Iberian market. With his track “African Stomper” Sin Plomo released on “Stereo Production“ (the successful label of Chus & Ceballos) one of the best sold and most played production on the label. Describing the last few years as “a journey of club successes” Sin Plomo spins in every major club in Ibiza and from there all over the world to present his legendary Ibiza beat. Clubbing with Sin Plomo means an enormous assembly of styles in perfect harmony, treading a breathtaking path between electronic, tribal and instrumental music.

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