Lounge du Soleil Vol. 5 #1, Luxury Lounge #2 iTunes Electronic Charts

We´re proud to announce, that currently our releases Lounge du Soleil Vol. 5 (Lemongrassmusic) and Luxury Lounge (Luxury House) holds the positions #1 and #2 @ the iTunes Electronic Album Charts in Germany.

Lounge du Soleil Vol. 5 (compilation) – Lemongrassmusic

On this 5th edition of the Lemongrassmusic compilation series you will hear new productions of international electronic music artists, once again creating diversified, beautiful atmospheres. Including songs and productions from Eskadet, Karen Gibson Roc, Tafubar Vs Faro, Glam Sam And His Combo, 7b, Rencause, Area 42, Five Seasons, Beach Hoppers, Weathertunes, Moshang, Orbis, I am Sam and Newton.

Available Format: mp3.

Luxury Lounge (compilation) – Luxury House

Come in, sit down, relax – for the brilliant compilation “Luxury Lounge” you need total dedication. Thanks to the exquisite composition of tracks und remixes of international remix-experts like Audio Lotion, Yonderboi, Robert Manos, Naomi, Tony Match, Ror-Shak, Eigenart, moodorama, Alphawezen, nor elle, Acoustique Parfum und Ohm-G. The plot infatuates with moving moments of quiet, nonchalant and soft vocals, commuting between desire and captivate and coolness. Saxophone-Attitudes, rippeling tunes and lazy percussions require this enchanting flair.

Available Format: mp3.