We´re proud to announce that the new download of the “Sunshine live Vol. 29 (Premium Edition)” compilation is available exclusively via TrackTracker. Sunshine live is the biggest electronic radio station in Germany. The compilation always reach a top 10 position in the German Media Control Charts. Beside the download of the full compilation, customers who bought the 2CD can find a coupon in the booklet. If they visit a special webpage (the URL they can fin in the booklet as well) they can download the bonus mix of the Sunshine live Vol. 29 for just additional EUR 3,50.


Available formats:Various Artists – Sunshine Live Vol. 29 (TopTrax)Various Artists – Sunshine Live Vol. 29 (Premium Edition) (TopTrax)Various Artists – Sunshine Live Vol. 29 (DJ Mix in One Go) (TopTrax)If you bought the Sunshine live 2CD already, please visit: Sunshine live Code Center.


On 13th of august, 10 pm (Central European Time), we started the weekly “Plastic Citic Radio Show” on “Sonica Radio Ibiza”, presented by Contact Booking and TrackTracker. Every week Gorge and Greg Silver will play the deepest and hottest Tech-House tunes on the island. Now you can also listen to the “Plastic City Radio Show” every saturday (10 – 11 pm) on the German based web radio station “we love house.fm”. Turn on the radio! For playlists and more information: “Plastic City Radio Show”.

Adam Jace – Sky (mp3 EP) – Plastic City. Play

Adam Jace lives and breathes house music. His sound is described as unique and forward thinking, breaking down genre boundaries effortlessly and representing club-focused music at its very best. As a DJ, he has played all across Sydney, holding down an ongoing 2 year residency at Habit as well as playing guest spots for one of Australia’s leading underground club brands, Sweetchilli. In 2008 Adam played his first set of international gigs when he toured Thailand, playing 6 slots across the country and headlining some of Bangkok’s biggest clubs. His sets like his productions have a deep organic groove synonymous with that raw yet sophisticated style of underground house music. Recently Adam has been signed to Thug Management where he will become a regular for one of Sydney’s most respected events, Thug Nights and help launch Thug Records, a local Sydney label focusing on pushing quality house and tech. As a producer he has already released a number of EPs for Plastic City. His debut release “Doktor Deep” was featured on The Timewriter’s “Deep Train Vol 5″ and got support from many of the scenes leading house music selectors. Adam Jace has produced remixes for labels such as Helvetica Recz, Junkbeats, Manuscript and FBSS to name but a few and his music continues to get support from a growing list of international artists that include Nick Warren, Anthony Pappa, The Timewriter, Ian Pooley, Neil Quigley, Scope, Da Funk, Osamu M, Anil Chawla, Deepchild and many more.

Available Format: mp3.

Franksen & Tom Wax – Jamin’, Breathin’ & Livin’ (mp3 EP) – Plastic City. Play

This dynamic duo works at the forefront of cool German club music and its media since ages. Tom celebrated his career as a solo techno artist as early as the rise of Frankfurt to being a German techno-city known worldwide. As a producer in the 90s he released and worked as A&R for “Harthouse”. He established himself a cornerstone in every sensible techno-history, with still legendary projects such as Arpeggiators or AWeX. As resident DJ at Frankfurt’s very own “Dorian Gray” he belongs to the heritage of the Frankfurt sound. Since five years Tom is hosting the weekly radio show YOU FM SOUNDS at Frankfurt’s public radio YOU FM, broadcasting for the Rhein-Main area’s terrestrial listeners as well as the whole globe via stream. Tom is hosting guests from John Acquaviva and Oliver Huntemann to Sis and Reboot, in other words from Techno to House. As a radio-host Tom’s playlist boasts cool contemporary clubsounds between trend und tradition. In fact, it was by means of tradition that Tom Wax hooked up with Franksen in the studio. Franksen is „On Air“ since 8 years, hosting Germany’s longest-running DJ-Radioshow. Today’s YOU FM CLUBNIGHT is a real radio-gem and Franksen cares passionately about booking, hosting and DJing. All the flavours of house- and techno are represented with groovy tracks, a vibrant presentation and well-chosen guests. From Jamie Jones to Loco Dice or from John Dahlbäck to Johnny D, just to give you a few from last year’s list at Franksen’s studio. Meanwhile, Franksen works as a club DJ and writes for Germany’s dance-magazines „Groove“ and „Raveline“. While Tom took his way via techno und electro, Franksen emphasizes house und deephouse- structures and vibes in their colab. Their personal approach of „need to dance to it“ fuses their ideas. Driving beats, organic percussions, electronic funk or global vibes, it’s all in there. Now that they know even more about their vitae vice versa, they put all their expertise together to make some fine tracks.

Available Format: mp3.

The Timewriter – Dedication (mp3 EP) – Plastic City. Play

The “Dedication EP” features three tracks by The Timewriter, which are exclusively produced for the Deep Train 6 compilation: “Dedication”, “Chords In Minor” and “Coming Back”. With the woodenly beats and percussions The Timewriter creates a strong base for the melodic spheres of the track “Dedication”. The track seems to be the perfect soundtrack for a ride into holidays with a lot of promises for the next two months off. Dry and funky the “Chords in Minor” are whipping the deafness out of the body. The clear reduced groove and the economically used elements are searching for happiness in the light dissonance and find it in the touch of undergound roughness the track is whittling. In “Going Back” we have the rounded deepness that is typical for The Timewriter. But it is never too smooth. Here we have wide chords, nice lyrical metallic sounds and some piano like melody snippets that are merging with the tribal percussions perfectly. Beside this three exclusive tracks you can find on this EP the track “Sleeping Rough” and a new remix of “Zero” by Franky Miller. “Sleeping Rough” is a little bit calmer than the former tracks of this EP. Laying the focus on atmosphere by using linear and monotonic elements fabricates a very technical view on the romantic attitude the track emits from its centre. This is the right track to get lost into it. Franky Miller gives us a phat electronic interpretation of “Zero”. The use of the razor sharp electro-bassline together with the dashing percussions combined with the brightly xylophones is truely a highlight. Really something for peak time.

Available Format: mp3.

We´re proud to announce, that three albus from us are currently in the top 10 of the iTunes Electronic Charts in Germany:

iTunes Electronic Album Charts Germany:# 1: Bedroom Escapades Vol. 4# 5: Luxury Lounge# 9: Bedroom Escapades Vol. 3Furthermore the track “Sin Plomo – Nature Groove”, taken from the album “Bedroom Escapades Vol. 4, entered the pool position in the iTunes Electronic Track Charts as well.

We´re proud to announce, that three albums from us are currently in the top 10 of the iTunes Electronic Charts in Germany:

iTunes Electronic Album Charts Germany: # 1: Bedroom Escapades Vol. 4 # 5: Luxury Lounge # 9: Bedroom Escapades Vol. 3 Furthermore the track “Sin Plomo – Nature Groove”, taken from the album “Bedroom Escapades Vol. 4, entered the pool position @ iTunes Electronic Track Charts as well.