The Timewriter - Dedication (mp3 EP) - Plastic City. Play

The Timewriter – Dedication (mp3 EP) – Plastic City. Play

The “Dedication EP” features three tracks by The Timewriter, which are exclusively produced for the Deep Train 6 compilation: “Dedication”, “Chords In Minor” and “Coming Back”. With the woodenly beats and percussions The Timewriter creates a strong base for the melodic spheres of the track “Dedication”. The track seems to be the perfect soundtrack for a ride into holidays with a lot of promises for the next two months off. Dry and funky the “Chords in Minor” are whipping the deafness out of the body. The clear reduced groove and the economically used elements are searching for happiness in the light dissonance and find it in the touch of undergound roughness the track is whittling. In “Going Back” we have the rounded deepness that is typical for The Timewriter. But it is never too smooth. Here we have wide chords, nice lyrical metallic sounds and some piano like melody snippets that are merging with the tribal percussions perfectly. Beside this three exclusive tracks you can find on this EP the track “Sleeping Rough” and a new remix of “Zero” by Franky Miller. “Sleeping Rough” is a little bit calmer than the former tracks of this EP. Laying the focus on atmosphere by using linear and monotonic elements fabricates a very technical view on the romantic attitude the track emits from its centre. This is the right track to get lost into it. Franky Miller gives us a phat electronic interpretation of “Zero”. The use of the razor sharp electro-bassline together with the dashing percussions combined with the brightly xylophones is truely a highlight. Really something for peak time.

Available Format: mp3.