Christian Hinzer - Those Days (Plastic City. Play)

Christian Hinzer – Those Days – Plastic City. Play

The DJ career of Christian Hinzer began in the early 90s. With friends like Criss Source (Mauritius Rec, Hugg and Kisses) he started his obsession at that time. Dominated by former club visits, such as the Warehouse (Cologne), The Omen (Frankfurt) or the Catacombs (Krefeld) followed by the mid-90s quickly own parties, he started as a booker for various clubs like meltshop (Düsseldorf), the Orange Club (Essen) and the Porn Club (Essen). Also in the production area Christian Hinze was not idle. With “Horny United he had charts success, TV appearances. Because of this a lot of Clubgigs fluttered into the house. Also exclusive publications and the labels “Fog Area” and “Cases” quickly showed that his productions inspire the masses. He created a new concept for a fashion company incl. a DJ concept,, which still brings DJs to “fashion house parties” in clubs like “Sky Lounge Berli”n or Sven Väths flagship Cocoon Club (Frankfurt). Christian Hinzer and Marc O’ Tool know each other for a long time from parties in Essen. In 2008 they met the first time in a studio together. Only now they decided to start producing together, because Marc O’ Tool had the right picture of the “sound” Christian Hinze had in his mind at this time. From this day they release Christian Hinzer tracks together which are reflect the current club sound, but with enough stubbornness and attitude in order to be different.

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