Deep Meltdown, compiled by Greg Parker - Plastic City. Play

Deep Meltdown, compiled by Greg Parker (compilation) – Plastic City. Play

In the Year 1996 Greg Parker began to work for the Distribution “DMS” and the Recordstore “Imports”. In 2002 he started to manage the recordstore on his own and changed the name into “Smoove Records”. The insight into the different kinds of electronic music allowed him an extended overview in the electronic music scene, which is actually reflected in his individual and bulky Sound. At the End of the 90’s Greg Parker was a wellknown Dj in Darmstadt and it’s outer regions. In 2002 he became Resident Dj in the famous House Club “Room 106” where he got in contact with Terry Lee Brown Junior. From this point of time on they started a close friendship which was not only based on the shared Interest in electronic Music. Inspired by their friendship the first own production from Greg Parker was released on the compilation “Imagination Of The Shape”. Greg Parker also produced two tracks together with Terry for his albums “Karambolage” (I Feel Lost) and “Softpack” (Headache). After his success with his first 12″ called “All Good Things” it was only consequential to ask him to compile his first DJ Mix compilation “Deep Meltdown” for Plastic City.

Available Format: mp3.