Terry Lee Brown Junior - Everyday (Plastic City)

Terry Lee Brown Junior – Everyday – Plastic City

Highly addictive grooves and elements of house, techno, jazz, downtempo and even breakbeat melt together and thus you can never expect a certain category of sound – but there’s an important ingredient for all of his works: Emotion! From early beginnings until the present the musical ideas from Terry Lee Brown Junior had great impact on what we now call “Tech-House”. As a pioneer and central player of the Tech-House scene he succeeded in getting and remaining one of the most requested producers and DJs worldwide. Especially in the U.S.A. and Great Britain he established himself as archetype for nearly every following production or name in this division. In 2008 Terry Lee Brown Junior was very successful with his 5th album “Softpack” and the singles “Pulsar”, “Chatterbox”, “Delightful Encounter”, “Wait” and “Soul Digits”. “Everyday”, which was produced in cooperation with The Timewriter, is the last breathless remix package from “Softpack” with new interpretations from Nikola Gala and Budai & Vic.

Available Format: mp3.