DKMA presents Andrastea - The Ascent (Special Vinyl Edition)

DKMA presents Andrastea – The Ascent (Special Vinyl Edition) – Plastic City

After releasing the new and breathless DKMA pres. Andrastea album “The Ascent” on CD, it’s time for a special vinyl edition. The 4-track LP features the album-track “Herdsman” and three additional tracks which you can`t find on CD and the download version of the album. The second track “She’s Devine” with the beautiful poetic voice of Stacey Jethro was originally released 2002 on the label FFR (The Devine EP). Dana Kelley re-edited a new version for this release. The sound of the LP ranges between classical house rhythms and arrangements over breathless clear minimalism and chunky tech-house to very soulful downbeat and ambient titles, always with this rooted and honest sound. Acid-lines take place as well as jazzy organ-improvisations, powerful basslines as well as subtile backround-elements, soulful vocals as well as tricky architectural sample-constructions and sometimes the arrangements leave their glossy surfaces to sproud into the borders of the compactness and homogeneity and create needful edges inside a very designed elctronic music world.

Available Format: LP.