Pioneer Pro DJ presents Gayle San Network Trailer (Equator)

This first time ever done project, initiated by the worldwide performing DJ Gayle San, combines two forms of entertainment in one Produkt, the Network. It is understood since a long time already to spice up a concert or a DJ show with lighteffects and visuals. Regardless if its only with simple coloured lights or, in the best case, with a special Visual Artist, VJ, that performs live videos on TV sceens or projected space.

Worldwide popular and famous DJs exclusively produced tracks for this very project. It is a journey through the worlds Technomusic produced by DJs from Germany, England, Spain, USA, Belgium, Slovakia and Sweden. Alone this compilation is a jewel everyone with a love for Techno should have at home.

The DVD features two specifically programmed and produced videos for each track. No presets or standard visuals have been used, these videos are exclusevly made for Network. Europes most popular and award winning visual artists, that already performed for famous events such as Sonne Mond Sterne, Paul van Dyk, Sven Väth World Tour 08, and also worked for clients such as Mercedes, Ford, NFL Europe, create an audiovisual unity with the tools of contemporary Visual Art mixing with sound.

You can run this DVD on your player at home, or any professional devices such as the Pioneer Video/Audio Mixer.

Available format: Pioneer Pro DJ presents Gayle San Network (CD + DVD)