Acoustique Parfum – For The Sake Of Being Awake (single)

“Acoustique Parfum” is a project of the Dutch-German producer and video team Daan Apeldoorn, Johannes Bochmann and vocalist Jennifer Tessun. The group features futuristic (vocal-)lounge music. Daan started as keyboarder for the Guardner live-acts and appeared later as composer and video artist with several tracks on the Guardner albums “Paris Can’t Wait” (2004) and “Ready For Take Off” (2007) released on Elektrolux. Johannes studied jazz piano and electronic music at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Before that, he has achieved the grade eight in classical piano (Associated Board of Exams, England). When Daan and Johannes met, they launched the “Acoustique Parfum” project with the idea to offer the listener an electronic journey through many different musical styles from all over the world in the past, present, and future. After their successful releases on the label “Parasol Phonothéque” and their contributions on compilations like “Luxury Lounge”, “Bedroom Escapades” and “Electronic Lounge” as well as “Un Baño Del Sol De Ibiza 2009″, it..s time for the first single release on Mole Listening Pearls.

Available format: mp3.

Zagar nominated for the Best Hungarian Act @ MTV Music Awards 2009

The “Zagar band” has been performing live ever since their formation. Apart from Hungary they have already played in Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Slovakia, Czeh Republic and Russia. Now, Zagar and his band is nominated for the Best Hungarian Act @ MTV Music Awards 2009 (English | German | Hungarian). The audience vote for their favourite top 5 regional artists across Europe, these votes decide which bands will be nominated The Best European Act at the MTV Music Awards 2009 in Berlin. The members of the band are: Balázs Zságer aka Zagar (fender rhodes, keys, programming), Andor Kovács (guitar, bass), DJ Bootsie (scratches) and Tibor Lázár (drums).

If you´re from Hungary or want support Zagar and his band, you can also vote directly here: Voting for the Best Hungarian Act.

Free Download: Lukas Greenberg – The Green (Sweet Album Mix)

In 2007, Lukas Greenberg released his successful first album “Rhode Stories” on Plastic City. It was an outstanding collection of tracks – influenced by people, life and musical history and hits bulls eye aiming at the Plastic City philosophy. The “Rhode Stories” verify his sense for high quality listening stuff: He rolls out his musical range while connecting all tracks like writing a book. For the his second album “Prisoner With A Key”, Lukas Greenberg improves that concept from his first album”: Spreading out his facilities in combining and creating sounds, he wrotes chapters for his new “book of sounds”. The chronological order of the tracks is his story of the second step of his musical work on Plastic City. The result is a great combination of warm, bright and tight tracks which we inclined to call album art. To get the first impression of the current “Lukas Greenberg-Sound” you can just listen to the deep albumtrack “The Green”.

Free Download Link: The Green (Sweet Album Mix).

Bucher & Kessidis – The Dark Knight (mp3 EP) – Plastic City. Play

In 1993 a good friend of Tom Bucher sparked his interest in electronic music. Tom began with DJ performances, playing Techno & Trance. Later on, he also played House, which is still his favorite style of music. In 1999 he started to produce electronic music with two friends. In 1999, they released there first vinyl under the project name „Tojami Sessions“ on the label “In Between Entertaiment“, followed by releases for „Separe“, „Raum …Musik“ and „Dessous Rec.“ Christos Kessidis fell in love with electronic music in the mid 90’s and was especially amazed with the New York Deep-House sound. He started to concentrate on his skills as a DJ in a young age. Through the years he established his own sound and style. His DJ sets always varied. This is especially true for his energetic and emotionally sets that manage to get everybody in the perfect mood. He has released tracks on labels like Exun Records, 8 Bit and Aenaria Music. Tom Bucher and Christos Kessidis met and started working together in the spring of 2006 and immediately started a prolific partnership based on their shared music styles (which fuse elements of Chicago House, Disco, 80’s Soul, Jazz-Funk and Detroit- Techno) and their common experiences with the DJ circuit. In recent years they’ve developed and created a powerful and original style of House-Music, ranging from Deep House to Tech-House, Dub and on to groovier tracks, but always with an emotional touch which creates a special intensity in their music.

Available Format: mp3.


We´re proud to announce, that three albums from the series “Luxury Lounge” are currently in the top 100 of the iTunes Electronic & Dance Charts in Germany:

iTunes Dance Album Charts Germany:# 7: Luxury Lounge 3.0

iTunes Electronic Album Charts Germany:# 14: Luxury Lounge # 89: Luxury Lounge 2.0

Furthermore Bedroom Escapades Vol. 6 is still in the Top 10 of the iTunes Electronic Album Charts.

We´re proud to announce, that three albums from the series “Luxury Lounge” are currently in the top 100 of the iTunes Electronic & Dance Charts in Germany:

iTunes Dance Album Charts Germany: # 7: Luxury Lounge 3.0

iTunes Electronic Album Charts Germany: # 14: Luxury Lounge # 89: Luxury Lounge 2.0

Furthermore Bedroom Escapades Vol. 6 is still in the Top 10 of the iTunes Electronic Album Charts.

Wax Tailor – In The Mood For Life Tour 2009

His first album “Tales of the Forgotten Melodies” drew comparisons to the likes of RJD2, Portishead and DJ Shadow, while his second “Hope & Sorrow” (80 000 sold worldwide) landed him a nomination at the prestigious Victoires de la Musiques, as well as the US Indie Awards. Wax Tailor is coming off a year which saw him tour relentlessly (over 200 concerts) and score the title track for the movie “Paris” by Cedric Klapisch as well as a few remixes (Nina Simone, ASA). He is now a well-established and respected producer. Written in both Paris and New York City, his third album “In the Mood for Life” is an organic landscape with orchestral accents. Taking its cues from Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop or 60’s Pop Music, this is one eagerly awaited 52 minute journey. Beside the release of his new album, Wax Tailor is presenting his new tracks live during his “In the Mood for Life Tour 2009″ in France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, Monaco, USA and Canada till december 2009.

Tourdates (english): In the Mood for Life Tour 2009
Tourdaten (deutsch): In the Mood for Life Tour 2009

DJ Nob Tee aka Dugsoul – Sunny Day (mp3 EP) – Mole Listening Pearls

The Japanese artist DJ Nob Tee aka Dugsoul is a musician since the 80’s. Living in Osaka (Japan), he was originally influenced from R&B, Soul and Funk. He also formed a successful funk-band in which he played the guitar. In the beginning of 2001 he released his first single “Cosmic Pink” on Mole Listening Pearls. In 2004, his first album “One Scenary In My Lifetime” was released under the pseudonym “Dugsoul” in Japan. He said about his own: “I had to do an important decision. Should the party of the life continue? I conclude that life is a dance”. Since today he is a well respected DJ in Japan. His style do DJIng is passionate, deep and groovy. “If you feel something when you dance, I´m happy. I wish sincerely to express my gratitude to you and your friends. I´m still making music today because it´s me. Now – after 8 long years – his second singles “Sunny Day” comes out! … again on Mole Listening Pearls. It´s the first single of a two-release package. The follow up which will be released in autumn 2009 will be called “Rainy Day”.

Available Format: mp3.

Various Artists – Nu Breed EP (mp3 EP) – Plastic City. Play

The 70th release on Plastiy City. Play contains three tracks from three different new artists (that’s why the EP called “Nu Breed). Veitengruber, who already released the “So You Gone” on Plastic City a view weeks ago contributes the track “Starshine”. He is already a beloved artist in the electronic music scene around Mannheim. His music is pushing, innovative, very groovy and makes you dance for sure. This is why Nick Curly and Gorge, heads of “Cecille” and 8Bit Records” got his attention and so he released his first single on the Mannheim based label “8Bit Records” in may 2009. “Frischluft” is the debut track from Sasch BBC aka Sascha Ries. Sach BBC is not a reporter of the splendid british news channel, the more he is entertainer of delicious electronic music from German‘s Rhein-Main-Area (Frankfurt – Mannheim). Deep-seated are the roots in there of the current Loft resident (Ludwigshafen), which shaped the mentality of his sound since the beginning. By now he conquered almost all electronic clubs around the Rhein-Main-Area, which offered him to play in clubs like Cocoon (Frankfurt), 50 Grad (Mainz) and the King Kamehameha (Frankfurt). On top of his DJ career have been the sets at the Time Warp 2008 & 2009. “Particular amazing“, he says, “was the gig in Bodrum (Turkey) on a catamaran with a glassy dancefloor at open sea, as well as performances in South Africa“. The third track “Bella Mona” is porduced by the fresh and updoming producers Vadim Yershov & BalErik from Russia.

Available Format: mp3.