Various Artists - Nu Breed EP (Plastic City. Play)

Various Artists – Nu Breed EP (mp3 EP) – Plastic City. Play

The 70th release on Plastiy City. Play contains three tracks from three different new artists (that’s why the EP called “Nu Breed). Veitengruber, who already released the “So You Gone” on Plastic City a view weeks ago contributes the track “Starshine”. He is already a beloved artist in the electronic music scene around Mannheim. His music is pushing, innovative, very groovy and makes you dance for sure. This is why Nick Curly and Gorge, heads of “Cecille” and 8Bit Records” got his attention and so he released his first single on the Mannheim based label “8Bit Records” in may 2009. “Frischluft” is the debut track from Sasch BBC aka Sascha Ries. Sach BBC is not a reporter of the splendid british news channel, the more he is entertainer of delicious electronic music from German‘s Rhein-Main-Area (Frankfurt – Mannheim). Deep-seated are the roots in there of the current Loft resident (Ludwigshafen), which shaped the mentality of his sound since the beginning. By now he conquered almost all electronic clubs around the Rhein-Main-Area, which offered him to play in clubs like Cocoon (Frankfurt), 50 Grad (Mainz) and the King Kamehameha (Frankfurt). On top of his DJ career have been the sets at the Time Warp 2008 & 2009. “Particular amazing“, he says, “was the gig in Bodrum (Turkey) on a catamaran with a glassy dancefloor at open sea, as well as performances in South Africa“. The third track “Bella Mona” is porduced by the fresh and updoming producers Vadim Yershov & BalErik from Russia.

Available Format: mp3.