Free Download: Lukas Greenberg - The Green

Free Download: Lukas Greenberg – The Green (Sweet Album Mix)

In 2007, Lukas Greenberg released his successful first album “Rhode Stories” on Plastic City. It was an outstanding collection of tracks – influenced by people, life and musical history and hits bulls eye aiming at the Plastic City philosophy. The “Rhode Stories” verify his sense for high quality listening stuff: He rolls out his musical range while connecting all tracks like writing a book. For the his second album “Prisoner With A Key”, Lukas Greenberg improves that concept from his first album”: Spreading out his facilities in combining and creating sounds, he wrotes chapters for his new “book of sounds”. The chronological order of the tracks is his story of the second step of his musical work on Plastic City. The result is a great combination of warm, bright and tight tracks which we inclined to call album art. To get the first impression of the current “Lukas Greenberg-Sound” you can just listen to the deep albumtrack “The Green”.

Free Download Link: The Green (Sweet Album Mix).