Acoustique Parfum - For The Sake Of Being Awake (single)

Acoustique Parfum – For The Sake Of Being Awake (single)

“Acoustique Parfum” is a project of the Dutch-German producer and video team Daan Apeldoorn, Johannes Bochmann and vocalist Jennifer Tessun. The group features futuristic (vocal-)lounge music. Daan started as keyboarder for the Guardner live-acts and appeared later as composer and video artist with several tracks on the Guardner albums “Paris Can’t Wait” (2004) and “Ready For Take Off” (2007) released on Elektrolux. Johannes studied jazz piano and electronic music at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Before that, he has achieved the grade eight in classical piano (Associated Board of Exams, England). When Daan and Johannes met, they launched the “Acoustique Parfum” project with the idea to offer the listener an electronic journey through many different musical styles from all over the world in the past, present, and future. After their successful releases on the label “Parasol Phonothéque” and their contributions on compilations like “Luxury Lounge”, “Bedroom Escapades” and “Electronic Lounge” as well as “Un Baño Del Sol De Ibiza 2009″, it..s time for the first single release on Mole Listening Pearls.

Available format: mp3.