Digital Alkemist - Um Novo Dia (single) - Mole Listening Pearls

Digital Alkemist – Um Novo Dia (single) – Mole Listening Pearls

Costas C. aka Digital Alkemist is a natural born drummer brought up in a music family. That´s why he couldn’t have chosen any other path in life but to get involved with music and consequently to study sound engineering, while practicing drums and music technology all along. He started playing drums for many rock bands in the underground scene of Athens during the 90s to land in behind the drum kit of the well known rock band of Nightstalker. He also plays the drums for Night On Earth and Blends’ band called Blend Sextet with participation of members of other well known Athenian bands. Along with drumming he involved himself with DJing spinning, rock, hip-hop and later around ’94 psychedelic trance. That was also the time when he started some production experiments while his interest in electronic music was growing up inside. More than 7 years after his first big success with his debut single “Right Version Left” (#4 German Club Charts) on Mole Listening Pearls, Digital Alkemist reports back with his brand new single “Um Novo Dia”.

Available format: mp3.