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Nils Penner, Chopstick & Johnjon – Weekend In Bangkok (mp3 EP)

The three guys met in 2007. Nils was working as a graphic designer in Bremen for artists and labels like Oliver Huntemann, Thomas Schumacher, Stephan Bodzin, Rekorder, Fachmann, Get Physical etc., while Thien and John were looking for a designer for their first imprint Criminal Records. They got introduced and started to collaborate. Since Nils has always been a music enthusiast there always was this idea to enter the studio together and see what might come out… Later that year Criminal Records signed eternity and Baalsaal Music was born. A new label by Thien and John, together with an until now quite famous club in Hamburg, managed by André Stubbs. Again all the graphics came from Nils. John and Nils managed to have the first studio sessions and the project they came up with is Penner + Muder. The first single and remixes came out in 2008 on Moodmusic and an album is finished and scheduled for early 2010. Finally in early 2009 they had their first studio time all three together and the first single “Sun EP” on Absurd Recordings was produced. Usually the setup and plan is Nils coming up with a track idea, John pimping and makin it groove and Thien delievering his ace production skills, but in the end it is always everybody doing a bit of everything, which is why actual studio time together is so important. Now the combo is proud to release the first single on Plastic City in autumn 2009 while they are preparing a triple dj-set and live-pa… Watch out!

Available Format: mp3.