Night Fever - Volume One (compilation) - Mole Listening Pearls

Night Fever – Volume One (compilation) – Mole Listening Pearls

The task to define the “Mole borders” on sheer impossibility, as Mole manages to metamorphose into almost anything without losing its distinctive identity. Mole moves in the realm of electronic music, so much for sure. Mole oscillates between the poles of abstraction and club suitability by consciously transcending established genres or any kind of categorisation. The objective of Mole is to release good music of true artists while generating positive vibes. Sounds banal, but hits the bull´s eye… The “Night Fever – Volume One” release is quite obviously not just another “Club” compilation but presenting 24 extended versions or remixes of Mole artists. Tracks from artists like Ohm Square, Alphawezen, Naomi, moodorama, Yonderboi, Geb.el, Lemongrass, Zagar, nor elle and Minus 8 and remixes from Martini Brös, Christian Prommer, Gábor Deutsch, The Timewriter , DJ Bootsie or Terry Lee Brown Junior represent the open sound philosophy from Mole Listening Pearls. Mole stimulates all senses – not being typical is typical Mole!

Available format: mp3.