Tokyo Counterpoint - To The Sky (single) - Mole Listening Pearls

Tokyo Counterpoint – To The Sky (single) – Mole Listening Pearls

Junichi Hoshino a.k.a. Tokyo Counterpoint started playing guitar when he was 14 years old. In 2001 he became a recording engineer and has done a lot of recordings in the studio so far. Since he had the chance to use a professional studio, he started to compose, arrange and remix songs and tracks. In 2004, he started his own solo project under the name “Tokyo Counterpoint” and released his first album “Oval” 2007 in Japan. The album was very successful in Japan and received No. 1 in Tower Records and No. 4 in HMV in Tokyo charts. Futhermore tha album got nice reviews in the Japanese music press like Remix Magazine, Floor net, and Sound & Recording Magazine. In 2009, Tokyo Counterpoint remixed and re-issued the album for Mole Listening Pearls. The album, now called “Oval+” will be released in autumn 2009. The first single “To The Sky”, taken from this new version of the album “Oval+”, contain a brand new Lemongrass Remix.

Available format: mp3.