When The Angels Sing (compilation) - Mole Listening Pearls

When The Angels Sing (compilation)

The Season Soundtrack. “Quiet Night” and “Oh Christmas Tree”. Not only a view people think at this moment: “Not again! Every year the same song under the Christmas Tree!” The The new Mole Listening Pearls compilation “When The Angels Sing” offers a cool alternative for everybody who wants to spend the holidays or the company-christmas-celebration more fashionably, but even further calmly. The compilation sparkles like diamonds (Calmstreet), a trip by the stars (Alphawezen) or offers a swing on the wings of the love (Zagar). 21 noble songs from the Mole artistfamily, which sparkle like golden jewellery on the festival board. And if Christmas is over, you doesn’t need to hide this miraculous music on the attic stow away. “When The Angels Sing” still functions weeks later, as anti-stress in Rush Hour or as a reminiscent means to the nicest days of the year.

Available format: mp3.