Free Download: DJ Yellow presents Mindz Kontrol Ultra - She Is Gone

Free Download: DJ Yellow presents Mindz Kontrol Ultra – She Is Gone – Plastic City

In the eighties DJ Yellow pushed forward French hip hop and he also had big influence on what French house music is today. Currently, Alain Ho aka DJ Yellow is one of the electronic music artists who established himself as one of the forward thinking artists in general. With his label Yellow Productions (founded 1993 with his mate Bob Sinclar) he released artists like Salome De Bahia, Dimitri From Paris, Joe Clausell, Bang Bang and Kid Loco. With his second imprint Poussez Music (founded in 2003) he created an outlet for his own sounds. Thus here he started his projects Alienation, Intermission and Paule with which he experimented on different fields of electronic music. On the new album DJ Yellow fuses characteristics of deep, funky and tech-house by using tender basses and well dosed percussion lines, paired with some real e-bass parts one feels remembered to the album “Paradise” from Bob Sinclar (which Alain assisted to). But these little elements can only be seen as little quotes to the roots. All in all the album, which was produced together with Portuguese producer Tiago Fragateiro (aka Hi-Tech²), provides a clever mixture of deep and funkyness. Using dark and promising spoken words from time to time the record takes a mystic narrative mindset at the very beginning. What follows is an emulsion of warm arrangements with a strong and well balanced base that aims directly to the dancefloor.

Free Download: She Is Gone