The Burhorn feat. Y' Akoto - You Will Never Know (Mole Listening Pearls)

The Burhorn feat. Y’ Akoto – You Will Never Know (Mole Listening Pearls)

The project “The Burhorn” lives from the co-production with many different artists from Hamburg and Berlin. A lot of different artists contributed to the beautiful result of the first single as well: The brilliant voice comes from Jennifer while Yaa Kieck Akoto aka Y ‘Akoto, the trumpets and keys are played by Thomas Burhorn, the bass clarinet by Sebastian Borkowski, the drums by Sönke Reich and the bass is contributed by Robin Engelhardt. There’re also drumprogramming and guitar by Philip Guenther and the unmistakable Cuts by Gehad Ujeyl aka Mr. Beats. “The Burhorn” is an alien drumcomputeranimal with trumpet trunk (like from an elephant). Sometime in the distant future it will come to us to bring back our paradise on earth (so the legend says). Anyone who does not want to wait such a long time should at least listen to the new songs from “The Burhorn”. “You Will Never Know” is inspired by Portishead, Massive Attack, and Ursula Rucker. The title is a co-production with the singer Y ‘Akoto, a songstress from Hamburg known from various musical projects in Hamburg (Hot Air Balloon, Pilotfilm, Tom Hugo). The recordings were made in a cozy basement studio in the heart of St. Pauli in Hamburg. If you listen closely, even the pulse of urban neighborhood and port can be heard in the background. The track F’n’P was created in collaboration with Grunert, who has composed film music in addition to his solo albums already for the German TV series “Tatort” and some other films. In the past, Thomas Burhorn worked together with a lot of live musicians (eg Fettes Brot, Dennis Lisk, Kettcar) and already produced several music for various commercials.

Available format: mp3.