Berkstroem - La Formacion (Single) - Mole Listening Pearls

Berkstroem – La Formacion (single) – Mole Listening Pearls

In 1974, Marcus Schmahl, also known from his chill out, downbeat and electronica productions “Guardner” and “Rauschfaktor” and was born in Mainz, Germany. Whe he was 14 he start as a “computer and electronic freak” by using his hardware as a musical instrument and he produced his first electronic tracks with it – in addition to his classical guitar training. Marcus has developed his own way to write music and performe live or as a DJ. A view month later, he found his own production company, which also started video production activities (f.e. for the television series “Flow Motion” and “Hessenbilder” at the German “Hessischer Rundfunk” also known as “hr”) and well as photography. With his albums for the project “Guardner” at the well known label Elektrolux, he led for months the German chill charts. To date, his music catalog is regularly used by TV producers / directors around the world. In 2000, Marcus Schmahl and his team also produced the first film score for a TV series of the German national TV channel “ARD”. Berkstroem was founded in 2008 because of his new music layouts were not adapted to the existing projects. The project will see a different part of listeners and also a musical evolution of Marcus Schmahl. Of course he works with Berkstroem, as in his other projects, with many guest musicians and producers in terms to incorporate as many musical styles and working methods as possible.

Available format: mp3.