nor elle - T A X I Nightshift (single) - Mole Listening Pearls

nor elle – T A X I Nightshift (single) – Mole Listening Pearls

“T a x i” is the 4th album from nor elle aka Terry Lee Brown Junior. After “Phantom Of Life” (1998), “Slapstick” (2001) and “Kombologi” (2006) nor elle defines his own borders of down beat and lounge once again. Concentrating on wide scapes reduced melodic insinuation this time, the album seems to work as a screen. Like a movie without dialoque or a documentary without comments the music gives room for own imaginations and projections. Creating an atmosphere of a nocturnally taxi ride Terry gives a theme, but the rest is up to the listener. Where the taxi drives, how fast or slow, wether the driver is a good or bad one may depend on the mood of the one who to dives into the calm and fantastic world of these wonderful narrative tracks. No instruction is included but leaning back and letting fantasy fly over a warm street at a coast, through a forest or the centre of an illuminated city. After “T A X I 4 5″, this is the second Remix EP with interpretations from Ocean Gaya, V_for_Volkan and Terry Lee Brown Junior from the nightride in the taxicab.

Available format: mp3.