Mole Listening Pearls - The Collection Vol. 2 (2001 - 2005)

Mole Listening Pearls – The Collection Vol. 2 (2001 – 2005) – compilation

2001 was the year in which the world was fundamentally changed. The 9/11 also marked the end of the fun society. The world fell into a state of shock. The “easy way of live” was extremely difficult from one day to another. The awareness of the mauic and art had to be changed. A label like Mole Listening Pearls, which was committed in its first phase before all the wit, concerned itself with more serious content. After 9/11 Mole Listening Pearls also had to close the office in New York City. From this point the label only acts from Europe. And also the cooperation with the New York company “Totem Design” ended after the the Totem Design Office closed in 2004 because of the economic crisis after the attacks in New York. The artists family of Mole Listening Pearls was now focused on the changing lifestyle of the new millennium. Less to the melancholy and sadness, but for answers to give comfort and hope. The beat and the sound moved more into the background. The Mole artists developed increasingly to songwriters and storytellers. Part two of Mole Listening Pearls Showcase now united precisely this phase of the label from 2001 – 2005.

Available format: mp3.