Tojami Sessions - Jazzbox (Plastic City. Play)

Tojami Sessions – Jazzbox (Plastic City. Play)

Tojami Sessions is a collaboration project of Michel Niepenberg, Tom Bucher and Jacek Darnowski and represents the diversity of house music. Michel and Jacek are producing together since about 1992. As a duo, their first release came out in 1997 on G.E.M. sublabel Hey Babe!, followed by productions for Frankfurt’s Raum…Musik using the pseudonym „Skiebäck“. Tom joined the crew in 1999 as a professional drum player – the Tojami Sessions trio was born and released on “In Between Entertainment”, “Raum…Musik” and “Separe’ Rec.” until Steve Bug signed Tojami Sessions in the mid of 2001 for Dessous Recordings. 2010 Tojami Sessions will start their comeback – this time on Plastic City.

Available Format: mp3.