Terry Lee Brown Junior - Electric Avenue (Plastic City)

Terry Lee Brown Junior – Electric Avenue (Plastic City)

Because of all his passion Terry Lee Brown Junior is investing into his music, it is no surprise at all, that he has been considered as a member of the international elite of house producers for years. Like no other, he has developed the subgenre Tech-House. In the USA and England, his albums became successes of note and the media got a surprise when they found out, Terry Lee Brown Junior is actually a German. Terry Lee Brown Junior, alias Norman Feller, began DJing in 1989 and soon thereafter released his first tracks on vinyl under various pseudonyms. 1994 was the turning point for Norman when he decided to dedicate himself totally to music. In the following year he invented the house-oriented project (alter-ego) Terry Lee Brown Junior which allowed him to create his own sound. Plastic City, which was at that time still a very young label, offered Terry an outlet for his music and he has stayed true to this label ever since. He released with Brother For Real (1996), Chocolade Chords (1997), From Dub Til Dawn (2000), Karambolage (2006) and Softpack (2008) five albums which are all proving again and again, that he has the skills and the talent to combine the various and exciting blends of contemporary House music, giving the tracks a clubby or progressive attitude and never losing the emotional aspect. Currently he is working on his next album. In the meantime he provide us a new single called “Electric Avenue” with three brand new tracks.

Available Format: mp3.