Romanto & Out Of The Drum (The Remixes)

Romanto & Out Of The Drum – The Remixes (Parasol Phonothéque)

The enormous success of Romantos productions led to a lot of international interest and enforced him to special gigs like Berlin’s E-Werk, the Loveparade, the MTV Air & Style Sunflower Festival and the Rave & Cruise or Frontpage Tour. But the highlight in the career of DJ Romanto was the DJ support for Jamiroquai’s “Synchronized” tour. “The Remixes” features the finest reworked Tracks from Romatos Album “Six Leves Left”. The influence of 60’s and 70’s soul music is as obvious as the inspiration by Hip Hop and Breakbeat of the 80’s. Faced with the strong drive and the voluminous basses of modern House music the tracks create several pictures on your mind: Maybe Stevie Wonder appears behind the decks or breakdancers rave at the Love Parade. Perhaps Hip Hop artists rock on XTC or techno freaks are rapping in convertibles – The music of this album makes it possible!

Available Format: mp3.