Rivera Rotation - On The Beach (Mole Listening Pearls)

Rivera Rotation – On The Beach (single)

Pete Rivera is the head behind studio collective Rivera Rotation and was born in the south of Germany. Growing up in Ulm he was infected by seventies soul and the sound the American Forces Network radio station AFN from his early teens. Since 1985 he is a DJ in his own right playing a variety of styles from latin to house. Being a full-time Hamburg resident since 1988 and managing director as well musical advisor of everything which happens in and around Lounge club, establishing the venue as one of the most successful and stylish hang-outs in Hamburg! The Rivera Rotation single “On The Beach”, originally released on Lounge Records in 2001 and produced with Lucky Loop’s mastermind Jörn Erkau, entered the top 20 of the German Dance Charts (DCC). The follow-ups „Yes You Are …“ and „Dedicado“. (conceived as a team with sound and studio wizard Elmar Schubert) established Rivera Rotation as a respected brand. Now, nine years later, the wonderful and timeless track “On The Beach” find his way to Mole Listening Pearls. On the ReRelease you can 8 different mixes and remixes.

Available format: mp3.