Jean F. Cochois talks about "Tiefenschön" (Plastic City)

Jean F. Cochois talks about “Tiefenschön”

The sixth album from The Timewriter is a complete whirlwind having a raw and dirty feel to it, albeit without losing focus on the original and well-known Jean F. Cochois sound. It is an extremely strong club album with a powerful recognition value – not only musically, but also visually thanks to its album cover. Emotionally loaded with this pleasant kind of pain that just hurts in the right places. Not only as a producer and remixer, but also as DJ, The Timewriter enjoys the respect he receives internationally since the last 15 Years. He held a residency in Sven Väth’s Cocoon Club and plays in Clubs all across the globe. On a regular basis he presents his own mix-cd series “Deep Train” of which Vol. 6 was voted Album of the Month in Mix Mag UK. “Tiefenschön” is a fresh surprise in many ways. First and foremost, he has chosen the German title Tiefenschön, which could be translated as ‘beautiful depth’, but really it is a more poetic way of saying that in the German language. Secondly, he has positioned himself in an altogether different way on a musical basis but still continues in his unmistakeable Timewriter style, and once again proves as a producer his fine feeling for sound and musical arrangement.

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