Free: The Timewriter - Extratiefe (Plastic City)

Free Download: The Timewriter – Extratiefe (Plastic City)

After a long musical journey beginning in 1994 with his first single and subsequent albums, he now melts together his continuously developing sound with the sound of the good old days. The results are deep and tech house tracks which have a warm old school twist and flavour to them at the same time as totally hitting the zeitgeist. Tiefenschön as an album is a complete whirlwind having a raw and dirty feel to it, albeit without losing focus on the original and well-known Jean F. Cochois sound. This is an extremely strong club album with a powerful recognition value – not only musically, but also visually thanks to its album cover. Emotionally loaded with this pleasant kind of pain that just hurts in the right places. Not only as a producer and remixer, but also as DJ, The Timewriter enjoys the respect he receives internationally since the last 15 Years. He held a residency in Sven Väth’s Cocoon Club and plays in Clubs all across the globe. On a regular basis he presents his own mix-cd series “Deep Train” of which Vol. 6 was voted Album of the Month in Mix Mag UK.

Free Download: The Timewriter – Extratiefe.