Claus Eisenmann - FC Bayern, forever number one (UCA)

In 1992, the FC Bayern anthem “FC Bayern, forever number one” became the most successful club anthem of all time in Germany. Even in the category “the most successful football songs of all times” the song was placed in the top 20. The title was performed by Andrew White and produced by Harald Reitinger. In 2008, a new classic version was performed the first time as part of the celebration of the champions FC Bayern München at the Allianz Arena. Through the course of the 2009/2010 season, now it´s time to release this new version officially. The performer is none other than Claus Eisenmann, one of the founders of “Söhne Mannheims”. Claus Eisenmann is a trained classical tenor who has already won in the pop world everything there is to win in Germany. With this song he can present himself from his other side. As winner of the “Goldenen Stimmgabel”, the “Echo” and countless other awards including gold and platinum records, he is defently the right man to sing for a club like FC Bayern München. Several million fans from the FC Bayern München, all the fan clubs and hundreds of thousands in various internet networks will certainly ensure that this classic version of the anthem will also break all records. The FC Bayern München now has the chance to not only win the “Triple” with the German championship, the champions league and the DFB cup. The can reach four titles. The FC Barcelona and Real Madrid already have their “Classic Anthem”, now the FC Bayern München as the most successful and best German club has one, also…

Releasedate: 07.05.2010; UCA Records (kat# uca108-8)

YouTube: Claus Eisenmann – FC Bayern, forever number one