Friends Of LED - Light Emitting Idiot (Part 1) (Mole)

Friends Of LED – Light Emitting Idiot (Part 1) (Mole)

The light emitting diode has a big future. Some years ago, tons of kilowatt hours were needed to illuminate a club or a concert hall with color lights. Today it’s sufficient to use a small semiconductor device and a small amount of watt for a flood light or a mirror ball to shine. That’s why Marcus Schmahl and Frank Rückert are “Friends Of LED”. Marcus Schmahl and Frank Rückert, also known as “Rauschfaktor”, have energized some of your speakers yet. With the album “Aquarium”, released in 2001 on the label Elektrolux, they have already produced a milestone of the electronic music. “Light Emitting Idiot (Part 1) is the first of three EPs released on Mole Listening Pearls. Stylistically the sound of “Friends Of LED” ranges between smooth lounge, ballades and freaky club tracks, but with influences of jazz music and with several stylistic devices to expand the musical genres. Next to numerous solo projects, Marcus Schmahl (Guardner, Berkstroem, Broombeck, etc.) and Frank Rückert (üNN, Costa Sonido, The Atmosphere Experience, etc.) created an incredible current flow of electronic music with their electrical construction kit and semiconductor devices.

Available format: mp3.