Instant Pleasure – Make It Right (Plastic City. Play)

Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Instant Pleasure a.k.a. Jørn Johansen has been producing music since the mid 90’ies. He had his first release on Plastic City in summer 2001 with his “Catch A Groove” single. Since then Jørn Johansen hasn’t produced any music. So after almost a decade of absence from the music scene he felt it was about time to start producing again. A view month ago we found his new demo in our mailbox and of course we get in contact with him (again). This is the story behind the “Let´s Ride EP” which was released in december 2009. His trademark is still a groovy and melodic orientated sound. In 2010 he comes back with his new release called “Make It Right” – again on Plastic City.

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The next Zagar tourdates are: 19.06.2010, 8:00 pm: Borsodi Art Festival, Kazincbarcika, Hungary 30.06.2010, 8:00 pm: Zöld Pardon, Budapest, Hungary 01.07.2010, 8:00 pm: Volt Festival, Sopron, Hungary 10.07.2010, 8:00 pm: Balaton Sound, Zamárdi, Hungary 16.07.2010, 8:00 pm: EFOTT, Orfű, Hungary 17.07.2010, 8:00 pm: Colours of Ostrava, Czech Republic 30.07.2010, 8:00 pm: Kultkikötő, Balatonföldvár, Hungary 31.07.2010, 8:00 pm: Coke Club (DJ Set), Siófok, Hungary 06.08.2010, 8:00 pm: Gyár Festival – Dj Set, Miskolc, Hungary 07.08.2010, 8:00 pm: Beseda Festival,Tasov, Czech Republic 12.08.2010, 8:00 pm: Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hungary 26.08.2010, 8:00 pm: SZIN Festival, Szeged, Hungary 10.09.2010, 8:00 pm: Solymár (DJ Set), Hungary 11.09.2010, 8:00 pm: FeZen, Székesfehérvár, Hungary More info about the band: Zagar The next Wax Tailor tourdates are: 25.06.2010, 8:00 pm: Solidays, Paris, France 26.06.2010, 8:00 pm: Festiv´Etés, Moutiers sous Chantemerle, France 27.06.2010, 8:00 pm: Couleur Café, Brüssel, Belgium 01.07.2010, 8:00 pm: Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreaux, Switzerland 14.07.2010, 8:00 pm: Dour Festival, Dour, Belgium 16.07.2010, 8:00 pm: Francofolies (plus Phoenix), La Rochelle, France 18.07.2010, 8:00 pm: Musical Festival, Aix les Bains, France 21.07.2010, 8:00 pm: Arènes de Nimes (plus Jamiroquai), Nimes, France 24.07.2010, 8:00 pm: Les Voix du Gaou, Six Fours, France 08.08.2010, 8:00 pm: Big Chill Festival, Ledbury, UK More info about the artist: Wax Tailor

Audio Lotion talks about the new album “Bad Timing” For more than ten years, Audio Lotion have been inspiring the press to storms of superlatives: „The perfect lounge sound“, „Music that belongs to the daily needs like eating and drinking“, „Absolutely necessary for heart and ears“, „Refreshing“, „Pleasant“, „Relaxing“, „Sensual“, and „Sexy“. And as the icing on the cake, Audio Lotion’s music found its way into the queen of lifestyle TV series: Sex and the City. However, their fifth album “Bad Timing” deserved even more superlatives: the duo from Zurich puts into motion a one-hour power plant of feelings. A musical thriller that sends a neuronal firework from the brain stem into the cortex and produces fantastic images and stories. “Bad Timing“ is eustress with its most positive (scientifically proven) effects on body and soul. The album motivates and stimulates.

Interview: Audio Lotion talks about “Bad Timing”.

Bucher & Kessidis – Saratoga (Plastic City. Play)

In 1993 a good friend of Tom Bucher sparked his interest in electronic music. Tom began with DJ performances, playing Techno & Trance. Later on, he also played House, which is still his favorite style of music. In 1999 he started to produce electronic music with two friends. In 1999, they released there first vinyl under the project name „Tojami Sessions“ on the label “In Between Entertaiment“, followed by releases for „Separe“, „Raum …Musik“ and „Dessous Rec.“ Christos Kessidis fell in love with electronic music in the mid 90´s and was especially amazed with the New York Deep-House sound. He started to concentrate on his skills as a DJ in a young age. Through the years he established his own sound and style. His DJ sets always varied. This is especially true for his energetic and emotionally sets that manage to get everybody in the perfect mood. He has released tracks on labels like Exun Records, 8Bit and Aenaria Music. After their 12″ release “Fate” in spring 2010, here comes the next brilliant EP from the two guys, again on Plastic City.

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Friends Of LED – Light Emitting Idiot (Part 2)

The light emitting diode has a big future. Some years ago, tons of kilowatt hours were needed to illuminate a club or a concert hall with color lights. Today it’s sufficient to use a small semiconductor device and a small amount of watt for a flood light or a mirror ball to shine. That’s why Marcus Schmahl and Frank Rückert are “Friends Of LED”. Marcus Schmahl and Frank Rückert, also known as “Rauschfaktor”, have energized some of your speakers yet. With the album “Aquarium”, released in 2001 on the label Elektrolux, they have already produced a milestone of the electronic music. “Light Emitting Idiot (Part 1) is the first of three EPs released on Mole Listening Pearls. Stylistically the sound of “Friends Of LED” ranges between smooth lounge, ballades and freaky club tracks, but with influences of jazz music and with several stylistic devices to expand the musical genres. Next to numerous solo projects, Marcus Schmahl (Guardner, Berkstroem, Broombeck, etc.) and Frank Rückert (üNN, Costa Sonido, The Atmosphere Experience, etc.) created an incredible current flow of electronic music with their electrical construction kit and semiconductor devices.

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J. Axel – Keep Receiving (Plastic City. Play)

“Start Receiving”, released 2009 on Plastic City, is an extraordinary Deep House album. Through the strait structures of the arrangements the voices of both vocalists are able to breathe while the romantic and melancholic synthesizer combinations create a wide and strong background for the melodies they create. In the instrumental tracks Jonathan Axelsson aka J. Axel draws fields of emotional colours that are opening like huge blossoms. Between Lounge and Deep House Jonathan turns every stone and discovers little dimensions he explores with his synthesizers. “Start Receiving” is a really big album that hits heart, body and soul directly. On this Album, J.Axel also featured the Sumatra born vocalist Astrid Suryanto, who worked with Victor Calderone, John Digweed or The Prodigy’s Neil McLellan so far. They started working together and Statra Records released their first production “You Give Me (Love)”. But one more female voice supports a track on the album: the voice of Stockholm based Zemya Hamilton. Zemya Hamilton releases singles and albums since 1989 on labels like Sonet Grammofon, WEA, EastWest or Warner, where she published her album “Trollbunden” in 1993. In june 2010 J. Axel comes back with four brand new remixes, taken from the current album, bundled as “Keep Receiving”.

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